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It’s pride month! We’re celebrating and showing our support by donating a portion of the proceeds from every sale in June to Keshet, an organization that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish life.

One of our favorite things about Judaism is that it continues to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of current times. Bar Mitzvahs were traditionally for boys only. Beginning in the 1920s, ceremonies were extended to girls as well, but they didn’t include a full Aliyah, and they weren’t popular in the US until the 1970s.

Today, as we increase our understanding and awareness of gender identity and gender fluidity, many are opting for a B-mitzvah, a ceremony with language that is more neutral or inclusive of all gender identities.  

Here are some gender neutral cards perfect for your next B-mitzvah:


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Happy Pride month everyone!

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